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Mecmesin Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Mecmesin has more than 35 years experience in helping automotive OEMs and their component suppliers with their force and torque testing requirements. Our test systems are used to perform a wide range of tests on all types of interior and exterior vehicle materials and components including tensile, compression, peel/adhesion, wire terminal strength and torque tests.

Around the world many automotive OEMS and tier one and two suppliers already use Mecmesin test equipment to:

  • Monitor consistency of components and materials performance from design to tooling to manufacture
  • Evaluate supplier build quality by batch testing goods-in
  • Identify component defects, minimise rejects and improve production throughput
  • Ensure compliance with stringent industry safety standards e.g. ASTM, BS, DIN and ISO

Key Benefits:

  • Confidence – from checking calibrated tooling, to component and assembly testing
  • Consistency – between plants and suppliers, at production line level
  • Conformance – the right equipment to test to industry standards
  • Precision – accurate testing of all components, from membrane switches to torsion bars
  • Performance – quality assurance across the entire product range
  • Traceability – sample tagging and operator identification for batch testing and analysis
  • Responsiveness – rapid test programming, switching between tests and sample changing
  • Reliability – protect your brand, wherever you are in the manufacturing chain
  • Service – expert advice and custom engineered solutions


Mecmesin’s Automotive Test System Applications

Adhesives strength; structural use and interiors Seating compression tests
Airbag connector pull strength (pull-test weld to break) Soldered flexi-circuits tensile test (component pull-off)
Brake pad attachment shear strength Spring testing
Car bumper deformation testing Stall torque of motorcycle engines
Car window sliding force (glass/rubber friction test) Steering rack torque measurement
Compression testing the membrane buttons of a key fob Tensile tests on vehicle interiors e.g. fabrics and interior trims
Connector pull test on fuel-injection components Test the force to open the door
Dashboard controls testing (switch, stalk, and membrane, push and twist effort) Vehicle door opening/closing effort
Determining the break-back force of door mirrors Window and sunroof winder torque
Interior cord, plastic toggle fasteners and webbing tie-down bonds Windscreen flexure and strength
Puncture, tear and peel of HGV curtains, straps and restraints Wing mirror fold test
Seat belt release effort under tension Wiring harness terminal testing (crimp strength)
Seat operating efforts (headrest, recliner, etc)  


Please refer to our Solutions@Mecmesin case studies or our customer testimonials to see examples of how we have helped other automotive customers.

Key Benefits At A Glance
  • Full control over the tensile tester program and analysis
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Calculations performed at the 'touch of a button'
  • Auto-loadcell recognition/configuration
  • Run to load, displacement, time or break detection
  • IP splashproof membrane control panel
Technical Specifications
  • Compression tester and tension testing
  • Maximum load of 50,000 N (11000 lbf)
  • 420 mm (16.5") clearance between columns
  • Crosshead movement up to 1100 mm (43.3") *
  • Space to fit a sample of 1330 mm (52.4") *
  • 11 different loadcell capacities from 50N to 50kN (11 - 11,000 lbf)
  • Load resolution of 1:6500
  • Loadcell accuracy of ±0.1% of full scale from 2 to 2500 N
    ±0.2% of full scale from 5000 to 50,000 N
  • Speed range of 1 - 400 mm/min (0.04 - 15"/min) up to 25 kN
    1 - 250 mm/min (0.04 - 10"/min) above 25 kN
  • Weight 285 kg (628 lb)

* measured without loadcell or grips (See technical datasheet for loadcell measurements)

Grips & Fixtures

Every application requires the right fixture to ensure reliable, accurate tensile test measurement. Find the one that suits your application from Mecmesin's extensive range of test accessories.

We also specialise in manufacturing custom-designed grips to meet particular criteria specifications. For advice and more information, contact us now.


Not sure what product to select?

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Experts in Force Measurement

For over 35 years, Mecmesin has been designing and manufacturing force test measurement products. We offer a fully comprehensive service ensuring you feel confident using the product and it provides you with reliable, accurate performance for years to come. Visit our Support & Services section for more details.

Unique Applications

We have an impressive track record of finding solutions to the most unusual applications.

For further information, please visit our special applications section or request a callback.

Increase Test Productivity with our Automated Test Systems

Test Automation

If you require test automation we have a solution for you. Designed to eliminate operator error, improve test consistency and reduce costs in time and labour, our force test systems are combined with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and customised material handling equipment to create automated test systems tailored to suit your specific test application.

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